By candle light....You can enjoy them naturally, with a tealight candle illuminating the translucent saltcrystal lamp from inside. The flickering flame creates a serene and cosy environment.




At the flick of a switch.... Or choose the electrical saltcrystal lamp version if you prefer a dramatic appeal. These are larger in size, and naturally rock shaped.

Or lots of them together
to create your own fairyland..

Places to use them.....

  • by your bedside
  • at the office
  • while having a relaxing bath
  • by your computer
  • during massage or meditation
  • while entertaining dinner guests
  • in smoky places
  • in your study
  • in children's bedrooms
  • anywhere you want the air quality improved or preserved
  • anywhere you want to create a cosy and relaxing environment
  • anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of the lamp


Care of the Lamp....

Due to the hygroscopic properties (absorbing moisture from the air) of the lamps, they should not be used in damp rooms or outdoors. However, if the lamps should get wet, just use it as you normally would (with the candle lit) or switched on (if a bulb is in it), so that the warmth of the light dries it. If you live in exceptionally humid or wet weather conditions, it is strongly recommended that you have the lamp on continuously to keep it as dry as possible.

Drop the lit tealight gently and slowly into the lamp, in order not to accidentally extinguish the flame. If your finger can't reach the tealight to remove it when it is finished, just insert the end of a pen into the hole at the bottom which is made for that purpose.

We suggest the use of good quality smoke-less tealight candles, so that the inside of the lamp does not get sooty. If it does, a simple wipe will restore it to its original condition. We recommend pure and natural beeswax tealight candles, which are paraffin-free, thus providing you with healthy clean air to breathe. Get them here! Or read more about them in the new products page.

The electrical salt crystal lamps have 15-25W bulbs inside. Replacement bulbs should be "candle lamp bulbs" with screw-on bases (eg Philips range of Plain Candle Lamp bulbs). To replace lamp, unscrew the base of the salt crystal lamp.