with a tealight candle

gently flickering flame

dancing shadows

Weighing up to 2 kilograms, and measuring approximately 10 cm height/width,(with sometimes significant variation), the tealight candle salt crystal lamps above are carefully handcrafted and unique in shape - no two are exactly alike.






a steady glow

all night long

with an electric lamp

smooth lamp and fairylight small

fairylight small (1.5 to 3kg) and cube at right


These pictures have been taken of actual lamps by Innova Pacific, which means that you get an accurate representation of what these lamps look like. Whilst each lamp is unique, and there are no identical ones, there is a certain quality of design and appearance which distinguishes them from other lamps on the market.

Be careful, as not all lamps on the internet are of the same quality. Being a premier saltcrystal lamps site, Innova Pacific pictures and text have unfortunately often been copied illegally by other sites which are known to sell a different quality and appearance of lamp --- what is known as Himalayan or Pakistani, so the pictures you see on those other sites do not always accurately represent the lamps they sell. We like Himalayan salt for consumables like skin treatment saltbars, massage stones and bath salts, but for electric lamps we strongly recommend specially selected European mined saltcrystal for their hue, beauty, robustness and superior design.You pay for quality, and it's cheaper in the long run.

Designer Range

"Cube" Saltcrystal Lamp

"Smooth" Saltcrystal Lamps

"Ball" Saltcrystal Lamps