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Skin treatment Salt Bar

A solid block of crystal sculpted out of 250 million year old fullbody salt containing all the 84 trace elements and minerals essential to healthy glowing skin. This treatment bar purifies, detoxifies and soothes the skin.

The wonderful minerals in the saltcrystal leaves your skin fresh, smooth and healthy. For sensitive skin, rub the bar on your hands or washcloth, then apply to your skin with your hands or washcloth, because the saltbar can be a bit scratchy once exposed to water. Obviously, don't use on broken skin or directly after shaving.

Many people around the world have experienced the beneficial effects of the salt bar. In some countries, their Medicare subsidises this saltcrystal for skin conditions. It is a well known and effective remedy for relieving the symptoms of eczema or similar skin irritations. I was pleasantly surprised myself when it got rid of my chronic eczema - goodbye to cortisone creams! After each shower, I'd rub the salt into the skin with my hands, letting the salt stay on the skin without rinsing off (just pat dry with towel). Within a couple of weeks the eczema was gone, and stayed away permanently. I continue to use the saltbar daily for general wellbeing and healthy skin. It's my travel companion too!

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Here are other useful applications of the salt bar - like a pumice stone, rub on soles of feet to soften dry skin.

As an underarm deodorant - wet the saltbar and, with your hands, pat on skin.

Put the salt bar in the bath with you, or soak it in the bath - the salt and lovely minerals will nourish your skin.

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Pure 250 million year old naturally pink salt crystal containing all 84 trace elements and minerals for luxurious skin health.

Smooth and oval, it fits snugly into your hand for use during massage.

Can be warmed in a low oven or cooled in the fridge as desired.


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Take it to bed with you! Place beneath your back to massage pressure points.

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Our new Lemon Myrtle natural hand made soap is made with the cold process to retain moisturizing properties of the olive and coconut oils, infused with deliciously fragrant lemon myrtle essential oil described as "more lemony than lemon", containing organic lemon myrtle leaves for gentle exfoliation. Did you know that lemon myrtle is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal? Try it now! 2 bars for $12!

pure beeswax tealight candles
to use with your saltcrystal tealight lamps

When you burn pure beeswax tealight candles in your tealight saltcrystal lamps, you can be happy in the knowledge that the lovely flickering glow of the flame through the soft pink saltcrystal will enhance the beautiful and serene atmosphere in your meditation room, your child's bedroom or your dinner party -- unlike ordinary paraffin candles which exude petroleum derived products or other chemicals into your room.

some facts about ordinary paraffin candles:
Unfortunately, paraffin wax candles are the most widely produced candles in the world. Reasons for this include their cheap and easy production and their stable burning properties. There are extremely varied qualities of paraffin contained in candles. The unscrupulous candle manufacturer may use a lower and therefore more toxic grade of paraffin that is undetectable by the unknowing candle user. All the more reason to use pure beeswax tealight candles.

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Pink Salt

for baths
..put a few pieces in your bath. You can put the salt pieces in a cloth bag to reuse it until the saltcrystal has fully dissolved. The minerals and the salt are great for your skin, and a salt bath is known to be a powerful "aura cleanser".

for internal health
..drink the salt solution for rejuvenation and revitalization. Many health benefits are reported due to the purity of the saltcrystal and its 84 trace elements and minerals which our bodies consist of. All you have to do is put the pink salt in a sealable glass jar, top up with pure water, and leave for a couple of hours until the water is saturated. You can drink a tablespoonful of the solution directly, or mix it in a glass of water first. The coarse pink salt also looks great in your saltgrinder. The fine salt is also good for cooking!

naturally rich in minerals and trace nutrients....



available in 500g jars
coarse or fine pink salt

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