You have a new convert to salt crystal lamps..... I have been sleeping so much better and just feel so much better myself. Thank you again.

J. Lee

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Difference in the air!

Thank you for sending the beautiful lamps so promptly. I am in love with them. Everyone at work loves them, and my 16 yr old teenage son willingly cleaned up his room so he can claim one. I told him I'm not doing that to the lamp---making it take up residence in his filthy room.

I left the lamps in the family room and my bedroom on all day and when I came home from work the air feels so different. Amazing. Even my son has noticed the difference in the air. It's great!

Also love the lemon myrtle products, especially the soap. Thanks. C. Tam


About a year ago I lived in a very humid house and my bedroom even had mould growing on the ceiling. I told a friend about my humidity problem and she lent me her saltcrystal lamp. Being asthmatic I suffer enormously with humidity. She told me this lamp would absorb the humidity (not all but some).

Within a week, I noticed my asthma problems had decreased. Often in the mornings I would find a pool of water beneath the lamp, when I used it during the night- so in fact it did absorb some of the humidity from the air.

Different energies...

I've placed my saltcrystal lamp in my home so that I see it when I come in the front door, and it imparts such a lovely energy to my whole house.

Some time ago when I was in Queensland, I saw some saltcrystal lamps at a market, and they were very different in energy. Later I found out they were from a different region (Pakistan), and I realised why the energy was so different.

I love the original European saltcrystal lamps for their very special energy and beauty.

L. Curtin, Healer & Clairvoyant

I'm writing to let you know how happy myself and my husband are with the wonderful salt crystal lamps we have bought from your local distributor for Traralgon. We have bought 3 candle lamps and one electrical one.

We have the electrical one in the main room and I burn the candle ones in other rooms. For us we have seen a few positive things since having the lamps in the home.

One I feel more relaxed in the main room and I'm totally amazed with the lovely orange colour in the room. On burning the candle ones I find smells of cooking appear to not be so strong and the air seems fresher.

I also have become aware that in our bedroom with the candle burning we appear to sleep better and my husband appears to snore less. There is nothing else we have changed, only to burn the salt lamp. I am so pleased with the lamps. I felt it was important to give a little feedback.....


Healing Space... I have created a healing space in my bedroom because I am living with cancer. To have a soft and natural light seemed important, so I invested in a lamp. After having the lamp for a couple of days and to my surprise, I found that I could breathe easier and feel stronger and less nauseous.

I took my lamp with me to the hospital and the lamp had a relaxing effect and
helped me to heal faster. I do not know how it works or if this is true for everyone, but for me, the lamps made an enormous difference to my life. L. Lindelow

energizing and healing..

I found out about the amazing power of the salt crystal lamps when I bought a tealight saltcrystal lamp as a gift at a trade fair. When I got home, I was exhausted, headachey and had a sore throat from working at the trade fair all day, and I still had to do two college assignments which were already overdue.

I decided to put a candle in the tealight saltcrystal lamp and put it on the table next to me while I wrote enough to at least submit something that would pass. I got up a few hours later, feeling pleased with my work and feeling MUCH better. My energy levels had improved, and with that, the headache and sore throat had reduced. I made sure that a lamp was on my Christmas wishlist and now use it in my therapy room.

Lightens the energy in the room..

My lamp is always alight in the corner of the room I use for seeing my psychotherapy clients. It gives me real pleasure to look at and it undoubtedly contributes to creating a quiet and clean atmosphere.

After having it for a while I noticed that any food smells disappeared really quickly and I also have the sense that it helps lighten the energy in the room. The other candle lamp I light in my meditation room or have by my bed particularly if I am not feeling well. They are lovely things to have around.

I just wanted to let you know we received the lamps yesterday and we're very happy with them.

The only problem I have now is I don't want to turn them off..

K.Russell, ACT, Australia


I find the lamp wonderful. It immediately changes the atmosphere in any room in which I turn it on. There is an immediate cooling of the energy as the negative ions spread. This is particularly beneficial in my office where I have lots of computer and other equipment.

I can now work much more comfortably in there. I end the day feeling quite fresh and relaxed, something that was much more difficult previously because of the charge that used to collect. In some ways it is like sitting near a waterfall as there seems to be a light, cool breeze blowing the whole time that is very soothing and relaxing.

Breathing easier..

My lamp arrived yesterday and I set it up in then studio. I then had to go out for a couple of hours and when I came back I could immediately feel (and breathe) the difference in the room. Part of the reason I went out was because there were carpet layers working in the hallway which leads into my control room and the fumes from the glue were getting to me (we don't have the air conditioning up running yet) I really felt the lamp helped clear the fumes in the control room. I will keep you posted on the "changes" it makes to my work environment.

Cheers J Bosak


Although I had read about these lamps many times, I first experienced them at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Sydney November 2004.

I felt immediately drawn to the soft, warm, earthy, glow and rugged natural shapes of these lamps. I rarely gift myself, however just knew I had to return the next day and purchase a lamp, one in particular, for my home.

I turn it on most evenings and let the crystals do their magic, providing an uplifting welcoming atmosphere, and leaving the room with a light clean feeling- a good positive vibe. The light also makes an excellent and romantic night lamp.

I have also been using the salt bar on my feet and found all traces of dried hard cracked skin have vanished.

It was great to see you again at the recent Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival. One could not help notice the superior quality of Innova Pacific salt lamps, to the other brands. Innova Pacific Lamps are richer in colour, texture and have a greater range of design and sizes.

Congratulations on such a high quality product. P.Daniel

Blissful glow...

Yes, my beautiful home is bathed, 24/7 with the blissful glow from your saltcrystal lamps. I must tell you, I did go onto ebay & bought another one from another company (a girl cannot have too many saltcrystal lamps!) and when it arrived, I was very disappointed. Nothing like the ones I purchased from Innova Pacific. I now know where I'll be heading to get the 2 lamps I need to purchase for gifts!! C.Prior



Just thought you would be interested to know of our experience with one of your salt crystal lamps.

We recently bought one from the Melbourne Expo in June.We run a natural animal health business from home (shortly moving into a premises) We put the lamp on our office desk.

And before long two of our sick cats were sleeping around the lamp day and night. Neither of these cats would ever sleep on the table before. So to us this was wonderful to see. From this experience we would like to promote the lamps to our clients!


cheeep...! Tutti our cockatiel loves the saltcrystal lamps! (says Innova Pacific)


Well I've received the lamps I bought from you guys last week and they are really something special! They are beautiful!! Wow! One is for my sister's birthday and I'm not sure which one I'll give her now!

No comparison, really...

I recently saw some saltcrystal lamps in a shop in Werribee, and realised that they didn't look like the saltcrystal lamps I know, as my partner worked in a clinic which sold your lamps. They just looked so different, like something was missing, and I realised they were just imitations. This I confirmed when I visited you to buy a saltcrystal lamp for my mother-in-law.

The non-original ones were very dull and lifeless, and just didn't seem to exude the energy levels that yours do, and on seeing your beautiful saltcrystal lamps for the first time there was the "wow" factor, however seeing the copy left me uninspired and with a "take it or leave it" feeling. Innova Pacific's European lamps look so much better than the Pakistani ones, there's no comparison, really! ..............M.Tregonning

Huge thank you for great service

Good morning, just wanted to send a huge thank you. I received my order this morning and am extemely pleased with all the items. I had already bought one of your salt lamps from a shop in the Blue Mountains NSW and love it.

I must say I was reticent about buying online sight unseen, as the shapes and colours are unique and obviously subject to personal taste. But I love the shape and finish of all three items. I was very impressed with the packaging and the prompt delivery. It's a rare pleasure to receive such great service these days.



I personally use the lamps in my practice as I feel it does generate a clear energy besides giving off a beautiful glow of light. Used together with essential oils, it gives my room a peaceful and serene energy.

Yoga and Meditation

I have been using the lamps now for 3 months and find the atmosphere created very relaxing and very conducive for Meditation. I run Meditation and Yoga classes and have the lamps on during these times.The students have commented on the lightness in the atmosphere. I also use the Candle lamp when giving a Massage, here again the atmosphere in the room is enhanced. I have recently spoken to people who have the Lamps, one particular effect is on headaches, recently a friend held the warm lamp between her hands for about 10 minutes and a severe headache was cured - this has occurred with others also - relieving headaches and tension.

M.Stewart, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Australia

Family Affair....

When I took interest in the lamps it was only because I was drawn by its beauty. I knew nothing about its beneficial effect on our health. Of course I was thrilled to find out that it was not JUST a lamp.

Now each of my family members has his/her own rock which he/she takes along for companionship.


Another magical thing about these rock salt lamps is that you do not need to have many of them around you. It is not the more the better.

Even in an area as large as a sitting room, having one small lamp is just as effective as having several big ones. But then, of course, they enhance the interior so much that one wouldn't mind having them all around, to say the least.

I just wanted to get back to you and thank you for the TLC in the ordering process of the two lamps. They arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday, one day later than you had anticipated. I love the soft glow from the pinkish light and know I made the right choice with this order. I feel the need to keep these lamps on even if I'm not in the room all the time since the beautiful glow shines out the doorways and seems welcoming.

Pink Bliss..

We absolutely love your lamps the shop has taken on a beautiful pink glow and 3 customers (all men) were in total bliss the first day we installed them. They were wandering around in a daydream state and didn't want to leave! We can't wait to get more !

C.Papageorgiou, Feng Shui Consultant at Bliss on Earth

"In the human body is the ability to hold multiple vibrational frequencies at any one time. Frequencies have the ability to hold light, colour, sound and information that is often experienced by an individual as thought and feeling.

Working in the energy fields of people, I use in my work, healing tools that assist in the client's intention to transform their vibrational frequency from a lower to higher state, hence shifting their thought processes and emotional experience. For a client to reap the full benefits of this transformation, it is essential that I keep the vibrational frequency of the room, my own energy fields and the vibrational frequency of all healing tools at a high enough level to support the process of transmutation.

I find that the Salt Crystal lamps assist in the maintaining of the room's vibration. In addition to this, I place my healing tools in front of the lamp after each client and I find that the tools are cleansed of vibrational residue and restored to their natural state. Because of it's transmutational capacity, the Salt Crystal can be used as a direct healing tool as well as a cleanser of healing tools."

Love it all the time, miss it when it's gone..

I just thought I would let you know that myself and family absolutely love it!! It stands on an old washstand in the hallway of our home and the effects of it just seem to flow though our house. Up until recently it had never been turned off but the bulb went and for a few days it wasn't with us.

It was then that we noticed how much effect it has on us and we really missed it. Up until then we took for granted how fresh the air always seemed and how relaxed we always feel, although everyone who visits our home without exception comments on how beautiful our lamp is.

Julie, WA

Thanks for prompt service & great prices
I wanted to thankyou for the prompt service, I have lent my lamp to a friend of mine who is a massage therapist and astrologer and I don’t think she has turned it off yet. My husband used the tealight one when he was away for the weekend. It still helped him to sleep, in fact he noticed that he had trouble sleeping when the tealight finished and he didn’t replace it.

I love the lamps and have been telling everyone I know to order from you as your prices are great and the prompt service exceptional.

Love and light, Sandra W. NSW
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Healing the past

I had purchased a lamp for my 4 year old granddaughter because she fell in love with your lamps when I purchased one for my self.

I love holding my lamp, and I can feel it's energizing effect on my nervous system. My body tells me this lamp is helping me to heal damage done to my nervous system when I was a baby. Thank you for making these wonderful lamps available.

L. Byrne, USA

I use saltcrystal lamps in both my home in the kitchen, and in my work place. I feel such a change in the energy and environment creating calmness within the people who come in and out. Thank you for adding to my peaceful environment.

G Wealands

Just for a laugh...

My Orange Round Ball has pride of place on the stereo system in the lounge, and it is the first thing that you see when you enter. The other day a neighbour called round, so I invited her in and she saw the lamp. Oh, she said, what's that?. I jokingly replied "Oh, I'm a witch, and that's my crystal ball". Well, she was out of the door before I could explain that I was only joking, and now, she goes past on the other side of the street. Good job all of the other neighbours could share in the joke.


Skin Treatment Saltbar testimonials

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Fungal rash relief

I had a rash about half the size of a basketball above my waist. The doctor said it was a fungus and prescribed a salve which just made it worse. I used the skin treatment salt bar on it and the rash decreased. Just in case I was doing something wrong I contacted another doctor who said that I should not use salt because it would irritate the rash. But, there was no question that the salt was helping. So I continued and within a couple of days I was rash free. L.Lindelow

Sore throat gone..

My father has been suffering from a chronic sore throat for a few years. I gave him the pink salt to gargle with, and miraculously the sore throat has gone! M.

Happy Singlet Wearer!

I came across your salt bars at the Nature Care shop. I was very intrigued after reading the blurb on the label, and decided to buy 1 block to "try out" on my arms, because I've always had these tiny pimples on my upper arms. After using it once, I could feel and see the difference in the texture of my skin.

I excitedly told my sister about my discovery... and went back to college to get another salt bar for my sister Gayle,who is a Doctor, a GP... and also has the same skin condition as me. Our arms are soft and smooth now, and I DON'T MIND WEARING A SINGLET !!!!...

We,Gayle and myself do not hesitate to recommend the salt bar to our patients/clients.

N.Franks (Massage Therapist)

Clears pimples..

My son's fiancee swears by the skin treatment saltbar for her pimples. She wets her fingers and rubs them on the saltbar, then dabs her pimples with her fingers. It takes about 2 days to clear the pimples naturally. Great remedy!

B. Vergou

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All in the family

Just a note to let you know that since using the salt bar, Daniel's (my son who has eczema) and Alain's (my husband who has psoriasis) skin have greatly improved. Thank you for recommending the product to them !! Peng

Baby bath time

We use the skin treatment salt bar for our 4 yr old daughter...we just dissolve a bit in her bath - definitely seems to help her rashes. Dr I. Tan

Psoriasis relief!

This is just a quick note to let you know this is the second time (in as many weeks) I have placed an order for your salt products. I wanted to let you know that your product is fantastic and all my psoriasis disappeared after the second time I started using it. No other product has ever had such an amazing effect. In fact, I even used the salt bar on my scalp and the psoriasis disappeared overnight. My skin has never felt so soft or healthy and I feel great. C. O'Neil

More psoriasis relief..

I suffer from psoriasis, although this is only the second time I have had it, it came back aggressively all over my body and making me very down in the dumps. I started searching for a natural product to help me rather than over the counter creams as that only flares it up even more. I purchased your skin treatment bar from a local farmers market. Within 1 week of using the product my skin was feeling and looking much better. I no longer have to search for that natural product. I use it every day, I also put the bar in the bath which really gets into the skin. I feel great. I have been reccommending this product to all other people I know who suffer from psoriasis. E.Bergheim, Ballarat, Victoria

Baby eczema gone!

Before Christmas I had taken some around to an end of year meeting of this group (5 mins. walk from my clinic) and sold a few. One woman bought one for her granddaughter, 18 months old (I think) who had extremely bad eczema.

Last week, when the group met again after their Xmas break, the first woman said AMAZINGLY the child's eczema is gone! The parents just put the saltbar in the bath for a minute and bathed the child. Within weeks the rash had cleared up.

Apparently the PR work this woman did at the group the other day was remarkable, as the 2nd woman who rang for the salt stone on Friday said everyone is talking about this "miracle excema cure" and quite a few want to buy salt blocks. The 2nd woman has 2 grandchildren with bad eczema, and said she will come back and tell me the results. B.Vergou

Back for more...I bought the skin treatment saltbar at the last MBS Sydney Expo and found that it cleared my eczema very quickly - it's wonderful! I came back to this Expo to buy more!
H. Coleman

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Lifelong itch!

I've used the Skin Treatment Salt Bar with great results for my eczema, and gave one to my mother who's had a foot rash for 40 years.

The next day, she rang me with great excitement to tell me that for the first time in 40 years she was able to sleep through the night without being woken up by the itching rash! V.Allen

Away with the Cortisone!

I've had a lifetime of chronic eczema, and after using the salt bar I was able to throw away my cortisone cream! I was surprised myself at how well the salt bar worked. A.Peer

10 year probIem gone in days

I have suffered from eczema for the last 10 years, the eczema was on my forehead and on my face giving my cheeks a very red colour, I have been to Dermatologists and GPs and the diagnosis has varied from eczema, psoriasis to rosacea. As a last resort I searched the internet for a healthier alternative to cortisone creams and found the Innova Pacific site advertising salt bars for the treatment of eczema, I thought I have nothing to lose and gave it a try.

After four days of using the salt bar the eczema on my face has disappeared, there's still a little bit of redness, but I'm sure this will disappear soon as well, the skin on my face will never totally return to normal due to the overuse of cortisone creams, I wish I had known about salt bars ten years ago.


Pimples, Dermatitis, and....

My friend who's a naturopath spoke highly of the pink salt bars, she said they are excellent.
I have started using the salt on my skin: I have seen immediate results with pimples .. they dry up overnight. I am using it also for the dermatitis in my ears, I think it is going quite well, but I want to wait a bit longer and see what happens. I will let you know ... I had the dermatitis for probably over 15 years! Finally I have used the pink salt bar for something quite touchy that people don't like to talk about to much.... hemorrhoids! The problem was gone overnight! G.Nava

Doggy lick...

Our son's dog (a blue heeler) kept biting and licking a spot on her back, despite being wormed. My daughter-in-law said it was a "lick sore" and they are really hard to get rid of. Not so, with the salt block. I wet a piece of the salt block so I could rub it directly on the sore. I put the salt block down on the ground for a moment (while trying to hold the dog) and she immediately started to lick it. I then thought of sheep and cattle on farms being given "salt licks", when they are lacking in trace minerals, so for the next 3 days I applied the salt directly to the dog's skin and allowed her to lick the piece of salt as well. Within 3 days the rash was gone! B.Vergou

The only thing that worked for us..Our daughter has suffered with eczema for several years - the only thing that has completely cured her legs is the saltbar. We purchased one at last year's fair and when it ran out the eczema returned - we have tried every cream on the market and even antihistamines but nothing worked - so we are VERY happy to find the saltcrystal stall again. We were skeptical until we used it - from one mother to another - try it, it really works and it's natural! V Jackson.

Nurturing Massage Stones

The Massage Stones are wonderful! As a remedial therapist of 20 years, I use them to soothe, release spasticity in muscles and treat my clients to the warm minerals of these stones as they receive treatment. My clients now look forward to winter and request them frequently. L. Bennett, The Reiki Retreat.

Amazing Massage Stones...Several years ago I received my large salt lamp for my birthday I love the warming welcoming glow and leave it switched on always. Recently I received a massage stone as a gift. When I had a bout of gastro, I placed the stone on my stomach and as the pain disipated the stone became hot and wet, I dried it and held it against my forehead with the same result. Since then whenever I feel toxic I hold it and it becomes hot and wet. I have passed it to other people including my husband and their experiences have been similar. I continue to be amazed by my gifts and gratefully pass on my ongoing experiences to others. L. Milne Moama NSW
Baby Eczema Relief!!

I’m not sure if you will remember me but my mother and I spoke to you at the mind body and spirit expo in Melbourne and my mum purchased a salt bar for me (as I really have not much money at all) to use on my (at the time 14 month old) baby, who has ezma(not sure if that is spelt right) you asked me so send you an e-mail regarding if it is working for her or not, well thank you so very much because it has worked for her. It is taking its time to heal but it is doing more than her creams that I have in the past spent loads of money on. I am so very glad we went to the expo and very glad we ran into you. Thanks again

Roslyn & baby Rhiannon willow (you might remember her name as you said it was wonderful)

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Great deodorant - The saltbar's the best deodorant I've ever used. I just have it at the side of the bath, and put it on after my bath. It's marvellous! I don't have to use the nasty, chemical ones any more. The saltbar also helped me with my itchy leg, which was what I bought it for in the first place. It lasts for such a long, long time - good value! J.Constable
Another Psoriasis success story.. have had psoriasis for 40 years now and have tried every treatment I could find without success however, since trying the salt bar every morning in the shower I have found that my psoriasis is less red, less scaly and less itchy. I'm really happy with the results. J.Swatman
All round skin rescue!

I use the skin treatment saltbar for my face - it's great for reducing pimples and normalising the skin, I don't need anything else. My friends talk about various creams & potions, and I'm almost embarrassed to say that all I use is a block of salt! It also lasts for a long time - I bought it 8 months ago at one of your Expos.

Some of my additional comments-

....It works like a good dip in the ocean without the sun damage - thankyou for providing it in such an inexpensive simple application.

Also... my hands get the benefit from putting it on my face and my need for hand cream has dramatically dropped.

Also... I used it in some sort of fungal rash on my 5 yr old son's foot and it cleared up after a few daily applications.


And.... I used it on some "internal heat rash" (Trad Chinese Med diagnosis) in between my fingers which cleared it up and has not returned. (the herbs weren't working very effectively and i could literally feel this work away most probably a fungal condition.)

Also...I find it faster working than clay (white or green). It is my secret magic for my skin.

Thanks again I truly am grateful for for the salt bars and we absolutely love our salt crystal lamp - it creates such a beautiful mantle in our home penetrating it with a life force that is severely missed when a globe goes. (we leave it on all the time!) It is our life saviour for our little apartment in the hustle and bustle of Fitzroy.



Baby skin soother

Just wanted to let you know something interesting about the salt blocks. I gave one to my daughter-in-law in Sydney in December, as she had a newborn baby and I thought it could be useful if he developed a baby rash.

When we arrived, he actually had a heat rash, so when she was bathing him, I told her about the salt stone. Before I could say anything, she had actually wet it and applied it to his face! I told her it might be a bit much for baby skin, so she wiped the salty water off his face about one minute later - but he didn't cry, anyway, so we guessed it was alright. Interestingly, 10 minutes later, the reddish heat rash he had had on his face was faded - and completely gone by the next day.

Recently, the same daughter-in-law visited me in Adelaide - with requests for 2 more salt stones for her girlfriends. My grandchild is now 4 months old, and had developed a bit of "cradle cap" on his head a few weeks ago. My daughter-in-law made up a salty solution by putting the salt stone in a dish of water for a few minutes, then bathed his head with this. The cradle cap disappeared overnight! She said she regularly uses the salt stone when she baths him, and it keeps him "smelling nice" , without any skin rash, nappy rash or cradle cap.

I also developed a skin rash, which was quite itchy, on one of my knees. I had been packing and shifting boxes - perhaps it was from being on my knees so much. Anyway, I just wet the salt stone and applied it a few times and the rash cleared up quickly. B.Vergou

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